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Leigh Super Jig Dovetail Jig Finger Joint Jig

Super Dovetail Jig 12" 18" 24"

Great Features - Great Value

Leigh Super Jigs offer extraordinary joint making capability at exceptional price points. Super Jigs are available in three sizes (widths), 12", 18" and 24" to satisfy the needs of every woodworker and every budget. No other jigs equal the versatility, precision and value of Leigh Super Jigs.

Variably spaced Through & Half-blind dovetails are standard on all Super Jigs. The infinitely adjustable one piece fingers are easily positioned for any joint pattern and you are always guaranteed a half pin at each edge of the joint, regardless of board width. The finger assembly is easily positioned for any joint type or board thickness using the easy to read scales at each end. But it doesn't stop there. Install the included cross cut fence and the dovetail finger assembly becomes a sliding dovetail template.

If it's fast production you want, with Super Jigs you can rout half-blind pin boards and tail boards .at the same time! Use the included two-function spacer to offset the tail board and rout complete joints in one pass. And with Super Jigs, you are not limited to one bit and one depth of cut. Just select any of the five half-blind bits available and rout half-blind joints in the depth that best suits your project.

The finger assembly can also produce two sizes of box joints, 5/16" and 5/8"... that actually fit! Just use the spacer to position the fingers and offset the socket board, and rout perfect finger joints. Adjustments for fit can be made in increments of .002".

The amazing joint making capability of Super Jigs is due in part to the revolutionary new Leigh e-Bush (patent pending). Very precise adjustments for fit are made easily with the e-Bush. Settings are changed using the included pin wrench and the uniquely shaped locking nutmakes tightening the e-Bush a snap. Markings clearly indicate the adjustment direction necessary for the desired change. A simple twist of the e-Bush changes it's active diameter which in turn changes the fit of finger joints and half-blind dovetails.

How to Rout:
Through Dovetails
Half-Blind Dovetails
Sliding Dovetails
Single Pass Half-Blind Dovetails
Finger (Box) Joints
Features VIDEO
Through Dovetails VIDEO
Half-Blind Dovetails VIDEO
Sliding Dovetails VIDEO
Finger/Box Joints on Dovetail Finger Assembly VIDEO
Leigh D4R Pro & Super Jigs Comparison VIDEO
Single Pass Half-blind Dovetails VIDEO
Summary VIDEO
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  • Infinitely adjustable guide fingers
  • Variably spaced through dovetails up to 13/16"
  • Variably spaced half-blind dovetails up to 1"
  • Sliding dovetails
  • "Single Pass" half-blind dovetails
  • 5/16'' and 5/8'' box joints
  • Non-slip clamping surface
  • Cam action clamps
  • Under cut side stops
  • Easy to read scales

Standard Equipment
  • 1/2'' 8° dovetail bit
  • 1/2'' 14° dovetail bit
  • 5/16'' straight bit
  • 1/2'' to 8mm collet reducer
  • Cam action speed clamps
  • Sliding dovetail fence
  • Square drive screwdriver
  • Fully illustrated User Guide
  • Instructional DVD
  • Spacer
  • Leigh e-Bush
  • Half-blind bridge piece material

Get more from your Super Jigs with the essential vacuum & router support, router bits and boxed bit sets, guide bushings, adaptors, accessory kits, clamps and more! Plus, add templates for additional joinery styles. (Super 24 and Super18 only).
Create strong and pleasing finger (box) joints with this template. Fits the Super24 and Super18 Jigs only.
Rout up to four of the most unique joints available. Beautiful inlaid or raised. Super24: Templates I24A / I24B Super18: Template I18B
The VRS is a must-have! Attaches to all 3 sizes of Super Jigs. Accessory kit with bit set offers great savings.

Top quality Leigh Brand router bits, sold separately or as a bit set for great savings. Collet reducer for 8mm shank bits.
Find the guidebush and/or adaptor you need to fit your router.
These bench or surface clamps are tough, versatile and super strong for all types of clamping.

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Super 12 12" Super 12 Dovetail Jig - Rout Through, Half-blind and Sliding Dovetails as well as two sizes of box joints and single pass Half-blind dovetails. Everything you need in one box. $299.00 USD
Super 12M Metric version of the Super 12 Dovetail Jig. Scales are calibrated in metric measure. $299.00 USD

Super 18 18" Super 18 Dovetail Jig - Rout Through, Half-blind and Sliding Dovetails as well as two sizes of box joints and single pass Half-blind dovetails. Additional joints are possible with an optional Finger Joint Template and an Isoloc template. Everything you need in one box. $439.00 USD
Super 18M Metric version of the Super 18 dovetail jig. Scales are calibrated in metric measure $439.00 USD

Super 24 24" Super 24 Dovetail Jig - Rout Through, Half-blind and Sliding Dovetails as well as two sizes of box joints and single pass Half-blind dovetails. Additional joints are possible with an optional Finger Joint Template and two Isoloc templates. Everything you need in one box. $539.00 USD
Super 24M Metric version of the Super 24 dovetail jig. Scales are calibrated in metric measure $539.00 USD
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