Leigh RTJ400, Router Table Dovetail Jig
Another great innovation by Leigh

Router tables are exceedingly popular and can be found in most shops. The Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig is designed specifically for router table use, providing fast and accurate routing of through dovetails, box joints and half-blind dovetails, all on your router table. The Leigh RTJ400 Template is precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for perfect joinery every time.

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Overview video — Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail Jig

Create all this joinery on one Jig.

Versatility is a key feature of the Leigh 16"(400mm) RTJ400 Jig. It makes 5 sizes of through dovetails at two different pitches, 3 sizes of single pass half-blind dovetails, and 4 sizes of box joints (finger joints). Perfect joint fit is guaranteed and repeatable with the patented Leigh elliptical guide bushing.

RTJ400 overview

Through Dovetails Full Pitch
  • Equally spaced dovetails with approx. 1-1/2"(80mm) pitch
  • 5 joint (pin) sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2"
  • Tails up to 1"(25mm) thick
  • Pins up to 13/16"(21mm) thick
  • Carcass and box construction
RTJ400 Overview

Half Pitch Through Dovetails
  • Equally spaced dovetails with approx. 3/4"(40mm) pitch
  • 4 joint (pin) sizes: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"and 7/16"
  • Tails up to 1"(25mm) thick
  • Pins up to 5/8"(16mm) thick
  • Carcass and box construction
RTJ400 Overview

Half-Blind Dovetails
  • Pin and tail boards routed at same time (single pass)
  • Equally spaced dovetails with approx. 3/4"(40mm) pitch
  • 3 joint sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 19/32"
  • Joints up to 1"(25mm) thick
  • Flush or rabbeted drawer fronts, hidden dovetails, period drawer replication
RTJ400 Overview

Box Joints / Finger Joints
  • Four joint sizes, 3/4", 3/8", 3/16" and 3/32"
  • Carcasses, box corners, drawers, tiny jewelry boxes
RTJ400 Overview

Angled Dovetails
  • Simple angles
  • Cradles, planter boxes
RTJ 400 Overview

End-On-End Dovetails
  • Rout straight or angled end-on-end dovetails at three different cutting depths
  • Face frames, picture frames
Quick, Easy and Precise

The Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail Jig makes precise joinery easy. Simply center the board on the template and guide the jig across the router table to rout the joints. One template makes all three types of joinery.

Easy step-by-step instructions, complete DVD tutorial and superior customer service

The Leigh RTJ400 is a dedicated router table dovetail jig, designed for use by woodworkers of all levels. Leigh has made perfect joinery easy in every way, from the clearly illustrated, step-by-step user guides, complete how-to videos on the included DVD, to customer service that's second to none, with instant toll-free technical support and help line.

IMPORTANT Router Table Requirements

Router tables are typically used with a bearing or fence, however, the Leigh RTJ400 is guided around a guide bushing mounted in the router table. Leigh eBushes (guide bushings) are designed around the decades-old Porter Cable/Black & Decker industry standard. Therefore, you will need an insert ring to fit the eBush to your router table or router plate. See specifications below.

Leigh eBush and Nut

To fit the eBush to your router table insert plate, you need a 1-3/8" diameter counter bore insert ring. Check with your router table or router plate (router lift) manufacturer, as to what adaptation, if any, is required.

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Router Table Requirements video – Leigh RTJ400 Dovetail Jig