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Leigh Hold-Down Clamps use cam-action technology developed for the award winning Leigh Dovetail Jig and the incomparable Leigh FMT. Leigh cam-action clamps have a long history of reliable use. They are tough, versatile and immensely strong! One thing is certain, "you can never have too many clamps!"

Two models are available. Read on to learn more.

"These have to be perhaps the most versatile and heavy duty cam clamps I have used to date."

-Dean Bielanowski, Online tool

BENCH Hold-Down Clamp

Leigh Bench Clamps provide exceptional holding power and that "extra hand" you need for many tasks in the shop. These clamps were designed to be used in the 3/4" bench dog holes found in most workbenches. The long 3/8" threaded rod and speed nut allow the clamp to be used in benches up to 4-1/4" thick.
Alternatively, the unique design of the included threaded brass nut allows the Bench Clamp to be used in any size hole from 7/16" to 1-1/8" and on any flat surface. You can even mount them vertically!
No holes—no problem! Simply drill 7/16" or larger holes through your bench or work surface at the desired location, remove the small brass nut, add the supplied fender washers and tighten the speed nut. If you need a second clamp, just use/drill another bench hole or use a Surface Hold-Down Clamp and Clamp Anchor.
How many times have you held a workpiece in one hand on a drill press table, while advancing the drill with the other, only to have the drill bit catch in the workpiece and tear it out of your hand?

The Bench Clamp attaches easily to most drill press tables providing safe and secure clamping. Once again, just remove the brass nut and add the fender washers top and bottom. No more damaged work pieces...or hands!


  • Clamp boards from 0" to 3"
  • Mounts in any bench hole from 7/16" (11mm) up to 1-1/8" (30mm)
  • Enormous clamping strength–more than standard bench clamps
  • Proven cam-action technology
  • Quick 90º speed-clamp action
  • Non-marring toe and heel
  • 3/8"–16 threaded rod
  • Speed nut attaches quickly
  • Made from ZA12 alloy and glass-filled nylon for superior strength
  • Doesn't damage dog holes
  • Works on benches up to 4-1/4" thick
  • Patented clamp

"I recently bought a Sjoberg Nordic Plus 1660 bench. I was trawling on a tool web site and found your Hold-Down Clamp so I bought one. I've been using it all afternoon…I had to clamp and unclamp close on 150 times. There isn't a scratch on the top of the bench or the work, and the parts never slipped once! Thanks for making life easier!"

-Cliff Hallam, UK


SURFACE Hold-Down Clamp

No holes—no problem! Leigh Surface Clamps can be mounted wherever that "third hand" is needed. Like the Bench Clamp, the Surface Clamp mounts on any flat surface and at any angle. Use them anywhere on the top of your workbench or mount them vertically on the side of the bench. Or, use a combination of Surface and Bench Clamps together.

The Surface Clamp is great for shop-made jigs and fixtures such as table saw sleds or router table jigs. Use the optional T-Track mounting method for completely adjustable clamp positioning.

The simple design of the Surface Clamp Anchor makes mounting easy and fast. Just use a Forstner (or equivalent) bit to make a 1-1/2" hole, 5/16"deep wherever a clamp is needed.

Position additional anchors wherever you need them. Two anchors are packaged with every clamp and additional anchors are available in a 4-pack. One clamp—multiple clamp positions!

The large holes in the anchor act as drill guides. Just position the large holes where you want the center line of the clamp and drill two 9/32" holes. Rotate the anchor 180 degrees and use two 1/4" - 20 machine screws from the bottom of the bench to hold the anchor securely.

If your bench is too thick or inaccessible, use two #8 wood screws through the top of the anchor and into the bench.


Bench Clamp - Detailed Mounting Instructions

Surface Clamp - Detailed Mounting Instructions


  • Clamp boards from 0" to 3"
  • Proven cam-action technology
  • Quick 90º speed-clamp action
  • Non-marring toe and heel
  • Enormous clamping strength– more than standard bench clamps
  • Made from ZA12 alloy and glass-filled nylon for superior strength
  • Patented clamp

"The clamps are much more substantial than they appear in the website pictures. Maybe you can't say this, but I can—they are absolutely perfect for my Festool Multi-function Table. Thanks for another great product."

–Alan Gesler

BHDC1 Bench Hold-Down Clamp
Includes brass nut, two fender washers and speed nut.
Weight 1.8 lb
SHDC1 Surface Hold-Down Clamp
Includes four mounting screws
and two anchors.
Weight 1.8 lb
SHDCASurface Hold-Down Clamp Anchors
Four pack includes 8 screws.

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