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Reviews and
Customer Comments
FMT Pro Mortise & Tenon Jig
Popular Woodworking Best New Tool 2003
Workbench Magazine Top Ten Innivative Tools 2004
Wood Magazine
Review a Tool, Tested by Editor, Paul McClannahan, First Class Mortise-and-Tenon Joints in Seconds. Updated 2012
Small Joinery
I had no idea it would
be this easy. By Al Navas,
Sandal Woods, 2012
Incredibly versatile mortise
and tenon machine, 2010
Remarkably easy and fast acting to use. By Phil Bumbalough, 2011
Mortise and tenon trickery the Leigh (easy) way
By Tom Hintz, 2009
Woodworkerís Guild
of America WWGOA

Beautiful way to make
mortise & tenon joints.
By George Vondriska, 2009
Fine Woodworking
A review of router-driven tools that make quick work of mortise and tenon joints. By Michael Standish, 2004
Top Ten Tools - 2004 Winner
American Woodworker
Spot-on Accuracy and utmost flexibility
By Randy Johnson, 2003

Incredibly versatile mortise
and tenon machine.
By Carl Duguay, 2003
Customer Comments
"Wicked fun, right out of the box"
FMT Pro Wicked fun, right out-of-the-box! By far the easiest and most complete jig, out-of-the-box. I didnít have to buy anything else or spend days building jigs to make it work. If you have a router, you need this next. You can build all kinds of cool stuff! — Alex Ron, Mar.11, 2014

FMT Pro FMT Pro vs. Super FMT - Lexus vs. Toyota The FMT Pro is truly an engineering marvel. Everything about it screams quality and precision, the aluminum CNC machined table, sub-base, and clamp plate, the slick router attachment method, the indexed guide pins, the cam speed clamps, the smooth table operation and locking mechanism, the glass-like nylon glides that mate the base plate to the body, and the integrated sight that enables very speedy changes to route multiple mortises and tenons. — Daddyjohnboy, July 2, 2013

FMT Pro I canít tell you how many times Iíve used my FMT Pro to carry out my one-of-a-kind furniture designs. The solid padauk end table is just another example. All that remains is final sanding, glue-up, and finishing. (Note: Itís being held together with just the strength of itís mortise and tenon joints.) The design is pretty simple, only 14 parts. Iíd love to have it added to your FMT Pro gallery. — Jay Blissick, Kalamazoo, MI, USA, Dec.12, 2014

FMT Pro I have the FMT Pro. I use it all the time. I just finished a set of 12 dining chairs for a client. Set up, repeatability and ease of use are all spot on. Angled tenons, critical for most chair construction is simple and quick. Using the side stop, table stops and stops on the outriggers, I can make precise and repeatable M&Ts. A couple of test cuts and I can dial in perfect fitting joints. I even use it for floating tenons, by making my own tenon stock on the planer and rounding over on the router table. I have the Festool Domino DF500 as well, but my go to for M&T joints is the FMT. I like having the work piece held stationary in the jig. IMO, eliminates a lot of the chance for error. The Domino has it's place in my shop, but the FMT has replaced most operations I used to do with my hollow chisel mortiser and tenoning jig. — Michael H., Nov.25, 2014

FMT Pro For whatever it's worth, I could hardly believe the quality of the FMT Pro when I unpacked it. I don't have enough superlatives; it looks as though it's way better made than it actually needs to be. Not only does it appear to be useful in making accurate joints, but its mere appearance will be an inspiration, even when the tool is not in use. I haven't been as impressed since I bought my first Bridge City square or my INCA major table saw or Pfeil cabinetmaker's chisels (or, more recently) my Toyota Priusó and those items still impress me. It can be done right; it should be done right; and those of us who want it done right ought to be prepared to pay. Value given appears to at least match price paid. Congratulations to Leigh for giving honest value for price! — Woodwriter, Manitowoc, WI, USA, July 14, 2010

FMT Pro Iíve been a woodworker all my life, primarily a woodturner, and just purchased your FMT Pro. I also needed a replacement plunge router and purchased the Festool OF 1400. With no understanding of your jig and a new router, I completed a perfect Mortise and Tenon joint within 1 hour of unpacking. My first M&T of my woodworking career and perfect because of your easy to use, high quality, precision jig.You made it easy enough that next stop is your dovetail jig. — John S. Bremer, P.E. Severna Park, MD, USA, April 2014

FMT Pro Every serious builder should own one This is a top quality piece of equipment. Multiple repeatable angles, simple to set up. CNC machined and is just a jewel to work with. Smooth operation is made nicer with the quality of the parts. Every shop that is active at all, should dig in and buy one of these. — Robert W. Mitchell ďBobĒ, Sept.10, 2011

FMT Pro Dear Leigh Industries, I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know how impressed I am with your FMT jig and your D4R dovetailing machine. I purchased both a couple of months ago and let me say this: your company really did their homework designing these jigs! I wish that all of my tools worked as well as your jigs did right out of the box! The assembly couldnít be much easier and your instruction booklets and DVD are first rate. I wish all of the tools sold had such clear and concise directions...After 1 practice dovetail joint, I made 9 drawers and now all of my drawer joints are made with dovetail joints. They look great and the jig couldnít be easier to use. Your customer service department was very helpful and professional and even told me how I could save money by buying from a dealer rather than from you directly. I ended up saving about $139 as a result! Thanks for being reputable in an age where thatís going by the wayside. Please feel free to use any part of this letter as a testimonial in any sales material you produce. I couldnít be more happy with my Leigh Jigs experience and I want everyone to know it! — Steve Kunda, Sierra Nevada Workshop Las Vegas, NV, USA

FMT Pro I got this from my wife several months ago and love it. This has made the job of jointing easy! Allows for perfectly aligned mortise and tenon joints, it allows for a short set up time and varied sizes of joints. The product is well built and will last a lifetime, guides are easy to change. It does the job I want it to do. Price may seem high but this product is worth it if you are creating multiple joints! Thanks again Leigh for doing it right. — Paul - Sheboygan Falls, WI, USA, 2012

FMT Pro I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how impressive Leigh is. Your material and products are top quality, service exceptional, and your shipping rates and time to delivery are second to none. Itís not often that you encounter vendors that are as good and predictable as you folks. Please pass that on to whomever you think should know this. — Rob DíAdamo, Calgary, AB Canada, April 14, 2014

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