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Guide Bushings and

Adaptors for Most Routers

Because the router industry isn't standardized, you may need an adaptor to fit your Leigh guide bushing to your router.

All Leigh guide bushings utilize the most common design — a threaded bushing and nut. Many routers accept these bushings directly or come with an adaptor. For those that don't, Leigh offers several adaptors. Check for your router make/model in the Guide Bushing and Adaptor Selection Chart in order to determine the correct adaptor. If your router isn't listed, please email Leigh your router make/model, along with precise dimensions of your router base opening and screw hole centers as shown in the router diagram above. A photo of the router base is also very helpful.
Leigh Guide Bushing Dimensions
Measure the opening in the bottom of your router to see if it accepts the Leigh bushing size.
Router Bottom Size
If your router isn't listed, send Leigh your router bottom dimensions, using the example below.
What is the Leigh VGS?
Leigh's Variable Guide Bushing System was designed for use only on Leigh Isoloc Templates and F1 and F2 Finger Joint Templates, for accurate adjustment of joint fit. Learn more about the VGS at http://www.leighjigs.com/isoloc.php.

Why does Leigh use guide bushings, not bearings?
Conventional guide bushings are much more versatile than shank mounted bearings. Bearings severely limit the range of board thicknesses, joint sizes and pin/tail spacing. Shank mounted bearings cannot provide the precise fit adjustments possible with Leigh's elliptical guide bushings and the VGS.

What router does Leigh recommend?
Leigh recommends a midsize router, from 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 HP (9-13 amps) with a 1/2" collet, for dovetail and finger joint routing on all Leigh dovetail jigs. This size provides great power to weight ratio. Fixed base routers are ideal to use on Leigh Dovetail Jigs and Finger Joint Templates because they have a lower center of gravity with handles mounted to the router base rather than the motor as with plunge routers. However, if you are proficient with the use of a plunge router, it works just as well. A plunge router is recommended for Isoloc Templates and is required for the M2 Attachment, Leigh FMT Pro and Super FMT jigs. When buying a router, also consider ergonomics, switch location, a good plunge mechanism and easy, accurate adjustment of bit height.
Note: Some manufacturer's guide bushings have very short barrels and are not recommended for Leigh dovetail jigs. The barrel length on Leigh guide bushings is .265" (just over 1/4"). Shorter barrels or barrels recessed in the router base may cause the router bit to come in contact with the finger assembly.

Guide Bushing and Adaptor Selection

Three easy steps to selecting a guide bushing and/or adaptor for your router
GBS Guide Bushing System

For all Leigh dovetail jigs and
templates, except Isoloc and F1/F2
Finger Joint Templates.
Open Selection Chart
  1. Find the make and
    model of your router
    in columns 1 and 2.
  2. If required, choose
    the adaptor for your
    router from column 3.
  3. If required, choose the guide bushing for your router. Select the 7/16" or 5/8" guidebush, or e7 (~7/16"), e8 (~1/2") or e10 (~5/8") e-Bush from columns 4, 5 and 6, as determined by your bit selection.
VGS Variable Guide Bushing

For Leigh Isoloc Joint Templates and
F1/F2 Templates only.
Open Selection Chart
  1. Find the make and
    model of your router
    in columns 1 and 2.
  2. Check to see if the
    VGS works with your
    router in column 7.
  3. If required, choose the adaptor for your router from column 3.

Change Currency
e7 ~7/16" OD Elliptical
Guide Bushing

Item e7
$15.00 USD
711TP 7/16" OD
Guide Bushing

Item 711TP
$15.00 USD
e8 ~1/2" OD Elliptical
Guide Bushing

Item e8
$15.00 USD
716TP 5/8" OD
Guide Bushing

Item 716TP
$15.00 USD
e10 ~5/8" OD Elliptical
Guide Bushing

Item e10
$15.00 USD

702 GBS Adaptor
Item 702
$17.00 USD
705R GBS Adaptor
Item 705R
$29.00 USD
702R GBS Adaptor
Item 702R
$29.00 USD
706R GBS Adaptor
Item 706R
$29.00 USD
703 GBS Adaptor
Item 703
$17.00 USD
710 GBS Adaptor
Item 710
$25.00 USD
704R GBS Adaptor
Item 704R
$29.00 USD
721 GBS Adaptor
Item 721
$25.00 USD

RA1100 Template
Guide Adaptor

Item no. RA1100
(works with RA1126 holder)
$15.00 USD
RA1126 Quick
Change Adaptor

Item no. RA1126
(holder for RA1100)
$12.00 USD

Leigh Guide Bushings
709 (3/8" OD) and
719 (3/4" OD)

For general template
routing, not for use on
Leigh Jigs.
Items 709/719
$14.00 USD
2 for 1 offer!
Reg. $12 each
Bosch RA1113
5/8" Template Guide

Item RA1113
$8.00 USD
Not designed for use
on Leigh Jigs and may
require filing the barrel
to 0.26" in length.
Reg. $9.50 each

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